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"Molly Harvey is a no nonsense transformational business thinker and author
bringing soul and results back to organisations worldwide."

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Raves from some of Molly's fans

Molly electrified the audience at our launch event with her Irish charm and motivational wisdom.
Louise Burfitt-Dons FRSA,
Chair RSA Women Speakers’ Network.

Molly is rare. People who are gems as hard and beautiful as diamond and yet as soft as a beating heart are VERY rare - and Molly is one of them. She can take any truth and see a way it connects with the pulse of life. She is a stunningly exciting speaker and someone who sees through to the truth of anything. Don't be fooled! There is nothing fluffy about Molly, she can help your business like a welder can seal a leak in an ocea liner - she can also stroke your soul to a powerful place like a piece of velvet stroking a new born baby. Amazing person - book her!
Fergus McClelland

Molly is a pocket dynamo, no matter where you are in your life, you need to hear what she has to say because not only is it motivational and inspiring it makes you touch the inner core that is you. Not many people have the ability touch people in half an hour and facilitate an extraordinary change ... but that is exactly what she did.
Ali Hoyes BSc (Hons)
Life After Redundancy Conference

I recently hit upon the notion of using Molly Harvey at my Annual ACE group retreat. We had seen Molly before as a speaker and her session had been the best of the year. It seemed a natural fit with the subject matter of a goal setting retreat to use someone who has such powerful methods around realising goals and how to bring them alive. I tend not to use speakers at retreats as the group gets its main value now from each other.

Molly's contribution was brilliant, helping members on an individual basis and in small retreat groups having set some compelling messages and themes.

I am convinced that some members who were re-considering value have been secured for the next year at least.
Peter Hills
Academy for Chief Executives

The most inspirational yet challenging speaker I've heard in many a year!!
Inspirational, yes, her views on the 'next generation of business leaders' is phenomenal, and yes, the up-turn for values, ethics and excellent customer relations with 'built-in' trust & honesty is second-to-none! Challenging, yes, we all have a part to play in this next stage of business development. We need strong, forthright and noble Leaders for the future of our Country, and the future of our economy!
We must all take stock, move forward, be principled and listen to this wonderful lady who energises you with her stimulating wit and ideas for our future.
Molly - way to go!!
Lesley George
Business Services Manager, University of Chester

There are motivational speakers and then there's Molly! I have worked with Molly on several occasions and she has to be one of the most authentic positive people that I know. She practices what she preaches and she is truly inspirational.
Helen Walker
Management Development, Alliance and Leicester

Feedback from our recent Influencing Skills workshop has been excellent. Everyone who attended the event came away with a very positive experience. Molly’s words and the delivery of them is a joy to behold. Her energy is engaging, thought-provoking and inspirational. Our employees have benefited immensely and we thank you for making a difference.
Ben Whitter
Employee Development Officer, Cheshire East Council

You raise speaking to a new height by raising your expertise to excellence and demonstrating that by qualifying for a Fellowship of the Association, an award that is not granted lightly.
Brendan Power
Founder & Past President of the Professional Speakers Association, England

"I thought it was very beneficial to all our Finance Managers to be on a course together as your input has helped build the relationships tremendously."
Bank of America

"Six months after attending a Women in Banking & Finance breakfast meeting, attendees had put her words and tips into action… A truly motivational speaker."
Marian Costello
Senior Executive Programmer, Women in Banking & Finance

Thank you for adding value to our annual Staff Development Week. Molly was a very confident, clear speaker who conveyed a very important message to all our staff with style and humour.
Hugh Baird College

I have never seen the audience so engaged when we have used previous speakers. Thank you Molly for a truly inspirational session on leading yourself and others through change.
Simon Lloyd
Alliance & Leicester plc, HR Director

"I attended the CIH conference and found the workshops hugely inspirational and motivating and thought couldn't be topped but then Molly Harvey was the closing speaker and it finished off the day for me on a total high!"
CIH Conference

"You are a compelling and magnetic speaker!"
Doug Stevenson Unlimited
Your keynote, 'You Can Do It!' was an experience our staff will not forget for a long time. If you have the opportunity to work with Molly it will be one of the best investments you can make.
Ann McColl
Micro Warehouse

Your message on leading edge leadership was well received by our members, as was your passion for your topic. People and organisations can only grow and prosper from your valuable insights and expertise.
Taron Puri
President CAPS Calgary

The valuable information and skills you provided will make a difference in the lives of our employees and their families.
3M Minnesota

I believe that the connection one creates with their audiences begins before the session and carries on afterwards and I love how you both connected and cared, not only for me, but for everyone you came in contact with. I was inspired to go home and continue work on my dream.
Michelle Cederberg
Live Out Loud

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2. leading with soul in this 21st century
3. the power of executive coaching
4. the new corporate leader
5. visionary leadership
6. charisma - have you got it?

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"You raise speaking to a new height by raising your expertise to excellence and demonstrating that by qualifying for a Fellowship of the Association, an award that is not granted lightly."
Brendan Power
Founder & Past President of the Professional Speakers Association, England