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"Molly Harvey is a no nonsense transformational business thinker and author
bringing soul and results back to organisations worldwide."

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listen here  "6 minutes of focus - part 1" - focus your mind to achieve your goals

listen here  "why be normal when you can be yourself" - When you become aware of who you live from that sense of possibility

listen here  "small steps - astonishing impact" - Nothing happens until you take small steps and think big

listen here  "stop whingeing - just do it" - It is everyone's fault, but mine

listen here  "the suit and the soul" - The living dead disengaged at work

listen here  "the power of focus" - When you are clear about where you are going, nothing gets in your way

listen here  "stop doing what no longer works" - "The definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results" Albert Einstein

listen here  "the new story of leadership" - If people cant come up to you how can they ever get behind you

listen here  "the power of executive coaching" - Successful people reach out for help along the way. They understand that no one accomplishes anything alone.

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e-book available  Download the e-Book "Why Be Normal When you can be Yourself".
e-book available  Download the e-Book "Small Steps, Astonishing Results".
e-book available  Download the e-Book "Small Steps, Astonishing Results".
e-book available  Download the e-Book "The Suit and the Soul".

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