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"Molly Harvey is a no nonsense transformational business thinker and author
bringing soul and results back to organisations worldwide."

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Molly Harvey, Corporate Soul Woman

Molly Harvey is a Leading Authority on Leadership and Culture Change, who set up her first business from an attic bedroom in 1993. She is recognised for her no nonsense, thought provoking approach, speaking from the heart and from her personal experience.

A key part of her experience is her ability to question and provoke her audiences to think differently about the way they work and live. She speaks to corporations around the world such as Bank of America, 3M, Santander and over 500 leading organisations world wide.

She is the best selling author of ‘Seconds Away from Outstanding Leadership’ and has reached number 15 in Best Business Books in March 2012, and has produced a range of Ebooks, CD’s and Podcasts on her topic range.

Molly regularly lectures at Universities such as Liverpool University, Liverpool Hope University and Liverpool Management School. She first spoke at the United Nations in New York in 2006 and 2007.

She was the first National Woman President and Fellow of the Professional Speakers Association in England 2005-2006, and current Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

She is currently involved in projects were she takes the top one percent of CEO’S to remote areas of the world such as Tibet, the Amazon and the Atlas mountains, where they get involved with the local communities and tribes to solve a world problem and take the learning back to the work environment.

Molly is interviewed and quoted frequently in the media and radio in England, Ireland and America. One journalist quoted her as, “a business speaker who can help people do what most of us imagine is a gift bestowed only to the Richard Bransons, Tony Blairs and Paul McCartneys of this world; this woman enables people to set a vision and live from the end.

One client said “Molly Harvey is to Leadership what Seth Godin is to Marketing.

What Drives Molly Harvey?

A deep inner drive which she calls the inner university and a hunger for learning and developing people. She lives by a simple motto “Don’t talk about it, just be it” and her current mission is to educate 333 million people across the world on leadership by the 21st of December 2020.

Corporate, Public and Private

If you are a Chief Executive or Head of HR and Training of a medium to large corporate, either public or private, then Molly can help you to improve your turnover without increasing your baseline.

If your company is suffering from low morale this adversely affects productivity and creativity decreasing your turnover. Molly can help you to achieve a shift in morale, elicit positive behavioural change and produce a workable action plan for the next six to twelve months. She will offer practical tips on implementing the changes and show you how to measure the results.

So if you are worried about being overtaken by competitors and found left wanting, profit margins slipping or a lack of shareholder confidence then you need to speak with Molly now.

Conferences and Events Organisers

If you are a conference organiser in the UK who books speakers then Molly can provide you with an unforgettable event.

Finding great speakers can be a difficult task, there are so many average ones to choose from. But Molly stands out from the rest with her enthusiastic and fresh delivery style. Molly delivers relevant, practical content that delegates will rave about for months afterwards.

If you need a speaker who can provide relevant and inspiring content for your event call and book Molly now.

Women’s Organisations

Molly has a particular rapport with women’s organisations and is a popular speaker at women's conferences.

If you want a powerful and successful speaker for your women’s event then call and book Molly now.

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You raise speaking to a new height by raising your expertise to excellence and demonstrating that by qualifying for a Fellowship of the Association, an award that is not granted lightly.
Brendan Power
Founder & Past President of the Professional Speakers Association, England