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"Molly Harvey is a no nonsense transformational business thinker and author
bringing soul and results back to organisations worldwide."

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The Molly Harvey Consultancy Approach

In our consultancy we will not simply complete a project, submit a report and walk away. Every thing we do for you will be a duty of care.

The Benefits of using Molly Harvey & Organisational Cultural Change Management

We will assist you in changing your organisational culture to become a high performance company. We will help you clarify and simplify the organisations vision and strategy. Molly Harvey will help you achieve a measured shift in morale, elicit positive behaviour, change and produce a workable action plan for the next 6-12 months.

Leadership Development Programmes

Many Executives plateau in critical interpersonal and leadership skills. Molly can help you overcome this successfully by working with you to create your personal Leadership Development Programme.

Leadership Development should be a core part of your company strategy. A reported 86% of companies use Leadership Development Programmes to sharpen the skills of future leaders. A top class programme develops you as a leader without taking you away from your job.

The right Leadership Development Programme helps take your organisation forward while creating lasting, positive, measurable change that makes a real impact. Molly can help you learn to how to build trust, especially if you work in banking and finance, make better utilisation of your assets and give you practical tips and content on reducing baseline costs.

Leading Corporate Business

Molly Harvey, Corporate Soul Woman, has made it her purpose in life to touch people’s souls at a deep level through speaking and writing. She has been called ‘a scholar of the human soul’. She speaks from the heart and personal experience and is known for her no nonsense and thought provoking approach to life. Her motto is ‘Don’t talk about it, just be it’. She has become an Educational Visionary in the field of Corporate Soul Consciousness and is internationally recognised by the corporate world of work, where she leads the corporation and it’s people to a whole new level of leadership, which she calls ‘Leadership the New Story’.

Her passion is people and working with organisations from the inside out in the 21st Century.

Selective Clients

Molly is selective in choosing clients and will only work personally with people who she knows are ready to make the changes necessary to move forward in life personally and professionally. She is well known for her no nonsense, positive and measurable approach.

The approach Molly will use with you as a Leader is ‘learn and do’. You then implement those ideas into the business and your personal life.

Many executives plateau in critical interpersonal and leadership skills. Let Molly help you over come this successfully. But you and your organisation must be committed to development for it to be successful. You must be open to feedback and accepting of positive change!

If you need to take on a challenging project or maybe your role has recently changed to a more senior or demanding one, then you need Molly Harvey, Corporate Soul Woman to Develop Your Leadership Skills.

Find out how a Leadership Development Programme can help your business.
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"There are motivational speakers and then there's Molly! I have worked with Molly on several occasions and she has to be one of the most authentic positive people that I know. She practices what she preaches and she is truly inspirational."
Helen Walker
Management Development, Alliance and Leicester