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"Molly Harvey is a no nonsense transformational business thinker and author
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Some case studies

CASE STUDY 1 - Building your brand from the inside out.

Matt was a great Manager, however sometimes he lacked confidence on the inside. He wanted to apply for a Higher Executive position and he needed to work on his Personal Brand.

Over a period of six sessions, we worked on practical exercises that he could implement straight away in the work place. After each coaching session Matt was given different tasks to complete and taught how to set personal goals and focus on work goals. Through learning to communicate in a more confident manner Matt went on to his next position.
Matt - Bank of America

CASE STUDY 2 - Words heard at a conference changed a life.

Meg attended a conference, without knowing that, in her words, "it was going to rock her boat." For a while she had been putting off making decisions and changes that she knew had to be made to her business. She was surrounded by a lot of negative people and it was having an effect.... She heard me say the words "you are the sum total of the 5 people who you hang around with" and in that moment for her business to move forward, she knew she had to let go of some of the people in her life. Six months later her profits had increased by 15%.
Meg - Major Shoe Company

CASE STUDY 3 - tailored Culture Change Programme

We brought Molly in to develop and tailor a Culture Change Programme with a difference. We wanted something different that was suited to our needs and not off the shelf. Over a six month period, Molly and her team worked with the board, then the Management Team until the knowledge they imparted became a universal language in our company. The biggest changes we have seen have been a change in mindset and personal responsibility which has led to a measured improvement in profits. We now believe Molly's motto "Improve your people; improve your profits" truly works.
Karen - Managing Director of a Major UK Charity

CASE STUDY 4 - don't hold back

After attending one of Molly’s presentations ‘LNP Sound’ made some major changes to the way they do business. They took to heart the simple advice ‘Don’t hold back’. They made a conscious decision to try something new. After doing some research they realised their ideal clients would be at an event show at the NEC. Attending this event enabled them to get in front of their ideal potential customers and explain to them, face to face, why LNP are the best company for their event.

"We spent 2 days getting to know venues, organizers and companies and spending a lot more time talking to them and finding out more about them rather than selling to them. This way we could get a good understanding of their business and thus found out what other needs they had. This way we weren’t just pitching for one bit of business, we were building a rapport with them and at the same time looking at the long term relationship."

Listening to the clients needs is giving them the opportunity to sell much more to the same people.

They hired a specialist Tele-Marketer to follow up leads generated from the NEC show. Previously these would have been left until stale as nobody in the company relished cold calling. After just 20 calls 2 confirmed meetings have been arranged.

They have promoted one of the team to Head Technician and given him responsibility for the Audio business and he now comes in a few days a week and does it all. Not only is it saving the MD time and freeing him up to go to meetings but Johnny is so good at it that he is turning the finished audio product round in less than 48 hours back to the client. So they added that as a guarantee.

They have asked the team for their ideas and opinions. ‘If you were the boss what would you do differently.’ They are throwing all the ideas in and seeing what can be changed in the business for the better.

Other things they took away from the seminar were:

  • Clearing out the desks – getting rid of all the stuff that’s just cluttering up the office.
  • Sending out 'Thank You' cards the day after the event instead of month end giving maximum impact.
They also took a look at what was working that they stopped doing and a few networking events and marketing activities cropped up 'we are going to implement these back into the company one by one and we cant use the excuse that we are too busy to cover up the fact that we don't do them anymore'.
Paul - NP Sound

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Molly is a pocket dynamo, no matter where you are in your life, you need to hear what she has to say because not only is it motivational and inspiring it makes you touch the inner core that is you. Not many people have the ability touch people in half an hour and facilitate an extraordinary change ... but that is exactly what she did.
Ali Hoyes BSc (Hons)
Life After Redundancy Conference